Message from the Director General

Atsuto Suzuki, Director General

Atsuto Suzuki
Director General

KEK is an international frontier research institute and has been producing many outstanding results. My mission is to keep promoting research activities and apply a strategy to stay as one of the leading research facilities of the world.

KEK is in a transition period for the next few years in both research activities and in management. The J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex) project at Tokai Campus will be completing construction of its accelerators and is heading for the first experiment period. The J-PARC will be the place for researches on particles, nuclei, material science, life science and so forth. Electron-positron colliding-beam accelerator (KEKB) in Tsukuba Campus has been fully utilized taking an advantage of world highest beam intensity for this type. We expect more results on the difference between particle and its anti-particle. In the same time, we start various R&D efforts for future research projects, such as International Linear Collider project (ILC) and the next synchrotron radiation project, Energy Recovery Linac (ERL), to stay on a leading role in world-wide researches.

Two years past since the reform of KEK into an Inter-University Research Institute Corporation. We are given 6 years to adjust to our new status as an independent corporation, after which period, we need to show how well we have done. I consider the first two years to be an introductory years to learn and digest the reality of it. The second two years should be the time to start the real action, the last two years to be the time to further develop what we learn from the 2nd period. We are entering the 2nd period where we will review operation and management scheme, enhancing good parts and modifying inadequate parts, taking advantage of our new status being less restricted by the governmental regulations. These improvements will enhance research activities in a long run.

I shall do my best to get as much outside support as possible as the facility for researchers from all over the world. I ask all the KEK employees to work hard together to get KEK going. I shall also welcome good suggestions from anyone.

Director General , Atsuto Suzuki

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